Friday, July 30, 2010

Out and about in Bogotá

The last night at SALALM I was talking to Nerea LLamas and Teresa Chapa who mentioned they were going to Bogotá for the annual book fair. I mentioned a few places they should visit and then figured others might also want to hear about things to do in the city. So for those lucky folks who will soon be taking off to Bogotá soon, here it is;

City Sights
  • Monserrate – Church located at 3,152 meters above sea level and which overlooks the entire city, plus there is a very nice restaurant at the top. Take the teleférico up, or join the locals doing penitence by walking up the mountain on your knees.
  • Casa Museo Quinta de Bolívar – Simón Bolívar lived here between 1821-1826, and returned in 1827 with Manuelita Saenz. The house was often used for political gatherings during Bolivar's residence.

  • La Candelaria - Historic neighborhood in the heart of the city. Includes the lablaa, several major universties, a number of old churhes, and lots of good graffiti on the walls.

  • Usaquén - Neighborhood in the north of the city which includes a great outdoor crafts market, a fancy shopping mall, and lots of good restaurants.

  • La Calera - Located on the outskirts of the city, La Calera offers great views of the city, local artesanias, and typical food.

  • Planerario de Bogotá - Take a look at the moon, star, and sun.
  • Zona T - Located between 82th Street with Cra. 13, this is an area of the city closed off to cars, and full of restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs and fashionable boutiques.

Libraries & Museums


Day Trips

  • Laguna de Guatavita - Lake that inspired the ledged of El Dorado.

  • Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá - A large church built inside a salt mine. There is a train that goes to the catheral, but tickets sell out days in advance. The town itself is also quite beautiful and worth the trip, in it of itself.
If you have a couple extra days visit the "state" of Boyacá
  • Villa de Leyva - Colonial town in the "state" of Boyacá.

  • Ráquira - Lots of clay pottery and artesanias.

¡Gracias a mi amiga Sandhya por su ayuda con esta lista!


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